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In spotting potential stars, he intentionally avoided “beauty queens and middle-class women,” instead looking for poor, “ordinary persons because they’ll be sincere and persevering.” His discoveries included Lampel Cojuangco, Myrna Castillo, Sarsi Emmanuelle, Pepsi Paloma, Coca Nicolas, and Myra Manibog, among others.

Accused in the media of being a glorified pimp, dela Cruz at one point was charged in court for the exploitation of minors, since some of his starlets were significantly underage –Pepsi was barely thirteen when he signed her to the bold film Brown Emmanuelle– but he was never convicted.

His next major role was in Macho Dancer (1988), in which he played a gay dancer in Manila gay bars.

The film’s frank depiction of homosexuality, prostitution, and sex caused the Filipino government to censor it heavily, but like many bold Pinay movies, uncensored versions later surfaced.

They hate cooking a lot and do not like keeping housework.

Despite even these flaws, they are still considered the best wives.

Daniel transitioned from film to television in 1998, and also began a career in politics.

Often these were hardcore clips of actual scenes from his movie.They have got the win in numerous international pageants of beauty.There is an interesting mix of different blood, nationalities, races in the Philippines.This page contains an assortment of information about other bold actresses, actors and movies.In addition to the lesbian scenes shown on the pages for Barbara Benitez, Didith Romero, Maria Isabel Lopez and Myrna Castillo, there were two great girl-on-girl scenes in When Good Girls Go Wrong (1987, Avon Cortez, Dianne, Isadora): George was one of, if not the, most famous and accomplished dramatic lead actors of the era.

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